Good Morning beautiful Marsha!

My daughter, Kelly had her first school experience at age three. (I won’t tell you what she did the first day that made me afraid they would kick her out and she wouldn’t even graduate from Nursery School!)

As they do at most nursery schools, she had a music teacher who came in every day with a guitar and sang with the kids. Kelly adored her. I do have talents, but leading 4-year-olds in song is not among them, so when it came time for her birthday party I asked Marsha if she would come and entertain the kids.

Marsha came. This was the first time I had ever met Marsha in person. She quickly arranged all fifteen 4- years-olds in a circle and sat down on the grass with them and her guitar. She folded her sandaled feet under her long skirt. Her long, slightly greasy hair fell over her glasses and she started to play beautiful music with her somewhat chubby and very pale fingers.

Then the learning happened. Marsha said, “Good morning beautiful children!”  15 four-year-olds in unison responded, “Good morning beautiful Marsha!”

For a split second I wanted to laugh. She had obviously taught these kids to respond this way. Marsha was extremely talented, but beautiful, no. That is not a word anyone would use to describe her physically.

That was when I realized how stupid (& ugly) I was at that moment and how smart (and beautiful) Marsha was.

I learned:
• People will see you based on what you put out to them- It’s the lesson of confidence. Display your belief in yourself and others are very likely to believe in you as well!
• When you treat others as “beautiful”, they will return the favor- Its a simple lesson that has far reaching impact. Look for the value in people and it will be there. And it’s always beautiful.

Thank you beautiful Marsha for two wonderful life lessons that I think about to this day! And a lot of days have passed since Kelly almost got kicked out of nursery school. She is about to graduate from College and head off to get her doctorate.

Thank you also beautiful Marsha, for your role in Kelly’s confidence in herself.


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