Executive Coaching

The higher up in a company a leader is, the less the leader really knows the truth about what is happening in his or her company, or how the staff feels about that leader’s ability to steer the organization through these economic challenges.

This is happening because of the intense pressure staff is feeling with reductions in budgets and increased responsibilities. Information tends to get “cleaned” as it is funneled up to top leaders, because people are afraid to tell the truth.

Working with Insight Learning Partners, we help leaders gain insight from an outside perspective, talk freely about what is happening, and obtain ideas and counsel to help open the lines of communication.  Opening the lines of communication will have a direct impact on the bottom line of the organization.

We support leaders as they:

  • Identify their strengths and development areas
  • Build a vision for the kind of leader they want to be
  • Understand their perceived “brand” as a leader
  • Create a communication strategy for developing their “brand” goal
  • Problem-solve specific issues with an unbiased “ear”



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