At Insight Learning Partners, we will work with you and your organization to tap into your greatest resource, the people of the organization, helping them put their strength together to develop a cohesive, focused organization that achieves it's objectives.

Present Day Issues: Safety, Trust, and Success

Everyone wants to feel safe. Today’s business environment is far from safe.

Operating a business team in these leaner, more stressful times can breed feelings of work related confusion and distrust. People react differently – each based on their own instinct and learned behaviors; responding in ways that feel “safe” for themselves. Often times, these behaviors may not optimize the business goals you have set for your organization.

Building trust takes a consistent effort over time. At Insight Learning we’ll help your leadership team identify the dynamics of these reactions and behaviors, so you can lead and motivate in a way that builds trust – employee's trust in leadership and leadership’s trust in their employees. The result: a cohesive team that is inspired and will drive business success.

Our Process:

  • Identify existing culture, challenges and priorities
  • Facilitate discussions with all levels of the organization to get clarity on it’s strengths and areas to develop (Can use a 360 feedback tool for additional input)
  • Facilitate discussions with key customers to determine their perceptions
  • Identify change elements that will have the greatest impact
  • Assess the information gathered, and develop a preliminary strategy
  • Disseminate strategy through facilitated staff discussions to get additional feedback
  • Get agreement on timeline, plans, goals and accountabilities
  • Measure progress against goals and celebrate successes!



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