"My radio company brought Insight Learning Partners in to facilitate a 2 day training session with 25 of my key managers.  The purpose and focus of the meeting was to improve communication internally between  the department managers.  Laura did a phenomenal job in helping the managers identify communication issues/challenges that I or they could never have done on their own.  The icing on the cake was that she coached them in ways that allowed each of them to find solutions to working out the challenges & issues."  

Tim Pohlman
Riviera Broadcast Group 

"I have used Laura Daley & Insight Learning at three different companies during my career to help build effective communication skills for the sales organizations I was responsible for. Each time, Laura exceeded my expectations and her transferable learning techniques resulted in our staff achieving consistent sustainable increases in sales results.  Laura is the consummate learning professional and knows how to work with all levels of employees to make them want to improve and achieve better performance."

John Lensi - Vice President, Sales
Impact Technologies Group-Charlotte, NC

"I have had the opportunity to work with Laura many times over the past several years.  She does a great job working with all levels of management as well as the sales people. Laura has a passion for what she does and it shows in her executive coaching as well as her workshops. Laura brings out the best in people by going back to the basics and using that as the foundation to improve communication, both internally as well as externally. "

George Kayes
General Sales Manager



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